How do I start creating my first media coverage report using ClipCoverage?

Eric Martin

Last Update 7 bulan yang lalu

ClipCoverage can automate hours of repetitive work for you so that you can have more time doing what you excel at.

It's easy to start creating your first report automatically by following these steps:

1. Install ClipCoverage to your Google Slides if you haven't done that yet.

2. Open an existing Google Slides presentation or create a new one.

3. Open the ClipCoverage add-on from the Add-ons menu.

4. Add coverage clips:

1) Click Add Media Coverage

2) Paste in the URLs for all the media coverage your earned for your client.

That's it! You can view the progress from the add-on sidebar. Once all clips are completed, your report will be ready to be shared with your client.

Here is a demo report

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