How do I cancel my subscription?

Eric Martin

Last Update il y a 7 mois

It's easy to cancel your subscription if you no longer need it. Just send us a message ("I want to cancel my subscription") via our contact form ( or email us at [email protected]. It's appreciated if you could tell us the reason that leads to the downgrade as it can help us improve the service.

Your card will not be charged again once we have received your message (please be sure to contact us using your account email).

Once your subscription ends, some changes will be made to your account:

  • your account will be downgraded to free trial and you can no longer add as many coverage clips; if you have added sub-users to your account, they will also be downgraded to free trial.
  • the reports you've created will become free trial report (a free trial label will be displayed at the bottom right corner of each full screenshot page)
  • Other premium features will be disabled, like export data.

What will not change: all the reports available in your Google Drive will remain there. You can still view or share them online or export them to a supported file.

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